More Accountability

Liberal Democrats have just voted overwhelmingly in favour of amendments to a conference policy motion on the NHS.   Included in the amendments were references to more democratically accountable commissioning, greater transparency for NHS commissioning, for commissioning to be subject to the Freedom of Information Act and that there should be a focus on co-operation not competition.

We made these points in our submission in response to the White Paper, including concerns about the co-terminosity between GP commissioning and local authority areas and the issue of GP commissioners making decisions in private – proper consultation and scrutiny must be part of the process.

Check out our submission on our Health page.


Transparency and Accountability

The focus of the current debate on whether the government’s NHS reforms hasten the privatisation of the NHS, is missing the point.

The important thing is not who the provider of a service is, but to ensure the transparency, accountability and scrutiny of the spending of public money.

We are pleased that the government recognised the importance of independent scrutiny, and amended their original proposals to ensure that GP commissioning will be subject to local authority scrutiny – this is something that we, along with many others – proposed in our response to the White Paper.

Our response to the consultation can be found on the Health page.