About us

Tamarind Chambers  was established by Mike Cooper and Diana Coman in 2010 from a desire to bring innovation to community involvement.

The organisation has no hierarchical management structure.  All Members have an equal say in the running of the organisation.    Whilst members are individual practitioners, through Tamarind they share experience and knowledge that enables members to deliver high quality and creative strategies and programmes.

This democratic structure reflects the philosophy of involvement and engagement that is at the heart of the way Tamarind approaches community engagement.

Tamarind is committed to the continuing education of its Members and staff.  Through taking part in seminars and running internal discussions, Members not only build their understanding of the effectiveness of existing techniques, but enable creative debate to take place.  This approach to challenging existing thinking and experimenting with new ideas means that innovation central to the Tamarind offer.

What we do

The members of Tamarind offer a menu of advice and guidance that can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

We practice in a range of areas …

  • engagement
  • communications
  • consultation
  • scrutiny
  • accountability
  • governance


  • public bodies
  • voluntary organisations/third sector
  • community action groups
  • private business

and provide ..

  • training
  • volunteer management
  • facilitation
  • events management
  • relationships and reputation management
  • review and evaluation
  • Shareholder engagement
  • Corporate Social Responsibility programmes

Tamarind members harness a range of communications and change management disciplines shaped to meet the challenges of community engagement to deliver effective programmes and events.  They draw from their wide experience in  the private,  public  and community sectors including work with local authorities, schools, NHS bodies, voluntary organisations and charities.

To contact Diana Coman

Email : diana.coman@comancommunications.biz

Mobile : 07970 525 143

To contact Mike Cooper

Email : mike@mikecoopermcc.co.uk

Mobile : 07740 594 496

Organisation address

25 Orchard Road, Sutton, SM1 2QA.

Tamarind Chambers Policies

Environment Policy

Privacy Policy

Diversity & Equalities Policy